Groovy vibe outfit idea!

Los Angeles, CA March 23

I simply cannot resist all the new fashion color trends atm. I love mixing in pops of bright colors and prints for spring outfits. There’s something about putting on a colorful ensemble that does wonders for your mood. It’s true what they say – ‘life is better in color.’ 

If you’re looking for outfit inspiration, and want to stand out from the crowd – use this look as reference. It’s so fun and evokes the feeling of happiness. This check pattern dress by Baum Und Pferdgarten, in retro neon, is the ultimate dress to make a striking statement. Pair it with opposite bold hue’d purse and heels for a fun play on color. Finalize your look with some bright hair accessories for that groovy / retro vibe we are all seeing and loving.

xx Jules



BY FAR Heels


Incorporate fun retro accessories for a groovy take!
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