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January 2, 2015

HELLO 2015!!!

Wishing you a blessed 2015- don’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, to be passionate about what you do, to be more adventurous, to love unconditionally, to take risks, to listen more, to give back, to be a better person, to support those that you love, be healthier, to never lose your hunger for more and to genuinely be happy with yourself.

CHEERS to a clean slate!

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  1. Marija Marija says:

    Beautiful photo!!! Happy New Year!!! xoxo

  2. Cynthia Cynthia says:

    Haha I love the 40" jumbo metallic balloons! Happy new years to tasteful babe! Keep up the amazing content on your blog! xx Cynthia www.pinchofchic.com

  3. marina marina says:

    happy new year !!! http://diary-of-shopaholic.blogspot.com/


      yes. Happy New Year!! LOLA JARO http://stylelolajaro.blogspot.com/

  4. Fia Fia says:

    Happy new year Jules! I love that picture, so beautiful! All the best for 2015! :) http://northwlnd.blogspot.com

  5. Rena Rena says:

    Thanks a lot for your thoughtful wishes! I wish you also a wonderful and perfect New Year <3 xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena www.dressedwithsoul.com

  6. TERESA TERESA says:

    Happy New Year to you too! CHECK OUT MY 1ST POST of 2015 http://www.sapphirebrushstrokes.com/2015/01/happy-new-year-2014-in-review.html

  7. Camille Camille says:

    Cheers! Happy New Year to you too. http://www.museisaverb.com

  8. valentina valentina says:

    Happy new year lovely ♥ http://fashionwithvalentina.blogspot.com

  9. Lorena Lorena says:

    Great look and nice shirt. Love it. Happy New Year pretty!! xo, Lorena http://girlswearblack.blogspot.com.es/

  10. Nathalie Nathalie says:

    Super clever set up here. I love the youthful playfulness. Keep those creative ideas coming!

  11. Liz Liz says:

    happy new year Giveaway on my blog! http://hashtagliz.com

  12. Vivian Vivian says:

    cheers indeed! Happy new year! LIVE.IN.LOVE ~

  13. ~ Carmen ~ ~ Carmen ~ says:

    Love that bit never losing your hunger! Happy new year to you as well! :] // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  14. Mel Mel says:

    Happy New Year! http://girlandthepolkadot.blogspot.com/

  15. Megan Megan says:

    Thank you for that great advice! I hope 2015 is good to you! I can't wait to read future blog posts! ~~Megan~~ http://www.poshprime.com

  16. Kathryn Kathryn says:

    2015 feels like a breath of fresh air! Happy New Year and Best Wishes!

  17. McKenna McKenna says:

    Love this! Thanks for the New Year inspiration! Happy 2015! xo McKenna stylewaltz.com

  18. Whitney V Whitney V says:

    Happy New Year, love all those positive goals!! Wishing you an amazing 2015!! Love, Whitney http://www.whitneyswonderland.com

  19. Juliette Laura Juliette Laura says:

    LOVE this.

  20. monkeyshines monkeyshines says:

    adorable! http://monkeyshines-monkeyshines.blogspot.com/

  21. Shirley Shirley says:

    Happy New Year's everybody! I hope you all have an amazing 2015!! :) http://missfreespirit.wordpress.com/

  22. Kris Kris says:

    Thanks for the inspiration! Who makes your beautiful top?

  23. Jessica Jessica says:

    Cheers to 2015!!!

  24. Cee Cee says:

    Happy New Year! Wishing you only wonderful things for 2015 - and can't wait to see your outfits all through the year :) xox, Cee www.cocoandvera.com

  25. Wishes & Reality Wishes & Reality says:

    Happy New Year! Thanks for your style inspiration and I can't wait to see what you have in store for 2015! Heidi D. www.wishesandreality.com

  26. Sofia Sofia says:

    Happy 2015! Thank you for adding something inspirational to your new year post! http://www.livinginplaid.com

  27. Courtney Courtney says:

    This is a beautiful shot! Happy New year!

  28. Fabi Fabi says:

    I loved the picture! Hope you have a great year, my best wishes x Fabi | www.agirlandherstripes.com

  29. miri miri says:

    Happy New Year to you as well, Jules! XO Miri http://currentlywearing.com

  30. Diana Diana says:

    Happy new year! http://www.dzyana.net

  31. Adorate Adorate says:

    Definitely going to adopt these mottos for the New Year!! xx

  32. BrinisFashionBook BrinisFashionBook says:

    Wish you a great 2015! Brini http://brinisfashionbook.com/2014/12/22/winterlook-graue-jacke/

  33. In a Trendy Town In a Trendy Town says:

    Happy 2015!!! We'll stay here following you. http://inatrendytown.blogspot.com.es/

  34. Helen Helen says:

    Happy New Year!! http://helentsokana.blogspot.co.uk/

  35. Laura Laura says:

    Happy New Year dear!! Keep making us dream with all your amazing achievements Xx www.Lauralexo.com

  36. Neeltje | Thoughts in Style Neeltje | Thoughts in Style says:

    Happy new year to you too! http://www.thoughtsinstyle.com/

  37. camille camille says:

    Awesome picture ! Happy new year Xoxo http://fashionbackyard.blogspot.fr

  38. Nerea Nerea says:

    HNY!!!. Where is your top from?. Thanx!.

  39. Reichel Reichel says:

    Beautiful, happy new year!! :D www.paseandoamissreichel.com

  40. Laura Laura says:

    Happy new year to you ! www.thestilettoholic.com Love from Paris

  41. Luise Luise says:

    Such a great picture. Kind regards, Luise | www.just-myself.com

  42. It's About L.A It's About L.A says:

    Happy New Year! The picture is very cool L.A

  43. Lorena Lorena says:

    Amazing picture!! www.preparadaslistasya.com

  44. Savannah Savannah says:

    Cheers to the new year! x http://www.justsavxnnah.com

  45. Kate Kate says:

    Happy new year! I hope it's everyone you imagine x http://my--socalledlife.blogspot.com.es/

  46. Eden Eden says:

    Happy 2015 to you too! :)

  47. Nina Nina says:

    Super cool pic, I am in love with these balloons over and over again!! Have a wonderful 2015!!!! xoxo, Nina www.helloshopping.de

  48. Priscila Priscila says:

    Happy New Year Darling!!! Are amazing ;) My Showroom

  49. Cristina Cristina says:

    Happy 2015, Jules!! http://memoriesofthepacific.blogspot.com.es/

  50. marika marika says:

    Happy 2015 to you too girl!!! Great shoot! http://laviecestchic.blogspot.it facebook.com/laviecestchic

  51. Beverly Beverly says:

    Nicole, WOW. Every single time, you just raise the bar higher and higher. This is absolutely INCREDIBLE. Well done to you both. Merry Christmas. xx http://www.2015topbags.com

  52. Diane Diane says:

    Happy New Year ! http://fruityandpassion.blogspot.co.uk/

  53. Kristie Kristie says:

    Great resolutions! Http://www.bluelabelsboutique.com

  54. Anie Phukan Anie Phukan says:

    hey beautiful...happy new year....you look great http://progressivepanache.blogspot.in/

  55. Camilla Camilla says:

    Love this picture! Happy New Year :) xxx Camilla http://avenuecamilla.com

  56. Krista Krista says:

    Love the picture! So cute! Happy New Year! www.kristajacobs.blogspot.com

  57. Elizabeth Hawn Elizabeth Hawn says:

    love the photo and balloons! can't wait to see what 2015 holds for your blog http://www.atlantastateofmind.blogspot.com

  58. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    Amazing picture!! Happy New Year, to you too. xx

  59. un2dejuniorosa un2dejuniorosa says:

    Un año más seguiré siendo fiel seguidora tuya. Me inspiras y me encanta tu estilo. Besitos http://www.un2dejuniorosa.com (si te apetece, te invito a visitar mi modesto blog de moda!)

  60. SweetMona Blog de moda SweetMona Blog de moda says:

    Happy new year!!! http://sweetmona.com/blog/first-look-2015/

  61. Camila Camila says:

    hope the same for you! Thanks http://www.modeography.com/

  62. Laura Laura says:

    Thank you ♥ You made me smile. Kisses. Laura.

  63. Ayoh Ayoh says:

    Love the inspirational post! Will you eventually post outfit details? Would love to get my paws on this top! Raw edge is to die for! Xo

  64. Belen Belen says:

    you are a real inspiration! never lose hunger for more and more! Xo, Belen A Hint of Life

  65. Getup & Go Getup & Go says:

    Happy new year! I hope it is filled with amazing things for you! www.getup-goblog.blogspot.com

  66. Natalia Natalia says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR PRETTY!!! http://lifebetweenhats.blogspot.com

  67. Jessica Jessica says:

    I love your top!! http://www.urbandarling.com/category/fashion/

  68. Bell Santiago Bell Santiago says:

    Never red a short post this inspirational and motivational ;) have a good 2015 ♡

  69. Jess Jess says:

    Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season :) xo Jess It's That Time For

  70. fashion illustrations by mc fashion illustrations by mc says:

    lovely baloons! http://fashionillustrationsbymc.altervista.org/

  71. Ellen Faith Ellen Faith says:

    You had an amazing 2014! Here's to an equally amazing 2015 :D Elleosophy

  72. Agnes Agnes says:

    cheers! i do hope 2015 will bring out the best in me too :) love, agnes. http://august-days.blogspot.com/

  73. WillWillo WillWillo says:

    Happy new Year!! WillWillo

  74. Ecléctica & Chic Ecléctica & Chic says:

    Amazing style! http://ecleticaandchic.blogspot.pt/

  75. diana dias diana dias says:

    Have a nice year!! http://modaepirosices.blogspot.pt/

  76. NESS NESS says:

    I adore your blog.I love your posts, they are inspiring and lovely! This blog makes my day ! :) Happy new year to everyone! xoxo Ness P.S.New post is up! -> http://nessielicious.blogspot.com

  77. Kelli Kelli says:

    Beautiful post, would love to know where to locate your top?

  78. Lali Lali says:

    Happy 2015, Lali

  79. Curls Curls says:

    Happy new year, wish you all the best! You are gorgeous :) http://curlsallover.blogspot.de

  80. meg meg says:

    what a photo! happy new year to you, too! can you tell us where this wonderful top is from please? all the love

  81. Paula Paula says:

    So well said. I'm writing this down and putting it on my fridge for daily inspiration. Happy New Year!

  82. tracie tracie says:

    LOVE the pink balloons. What a fun shoot this must have been. Best wishes for 2015! xx http://www.coffeethenchaos.com/

  83. Karlie Rae Karlie Rae says:

    You're such a huge inspiration!! Love following your blog :) HNY!! www.karlieraeblog.com

  84. Julie Julie says:

    Happy New Year Julie! xx http://lepetitmondedejulie.net

  85. Black Blondie Black Blondie says:

    Great 2015 to you too Jules! Stay the same, positive, inspirational and creative. We love you!:) http://theblackblondie.com

  86. Bianca Bianca says:

    Happy New Year!

  87. Ane Hernando (Look&Chic) Ane Hernando (Look&Chic) says:

    Happy new year dear!!! xoxo http://www.lookandchic.com/

  88. Katy Smith Katy Smith says:

    Where is this sparkly top from, I love it?! And happy new year! x

  89. ivanasworld ivanasworld says:

    Happy New Year and all the best :)

  90. Stacy Stacy says:

    Wishing you the best!!!!!

  91. Nadia Nadia says:

    heheh, very original picture, love it, great idea :) Super contest for US residents only http://www.rosesinparis.com/want-that-bag-the-mrs-hilfiger-new-collection/

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    Good blog post. I definitely appreciate this site. Keep writing!

  93. Leather Bag Leather Bag says:

    Same to you..

  94. Etty Etty says:

    You have the monopoly on useful innirmatoof-aren't monopolies illegal? ;)

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