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Hello Yellow.

May 24, 2015

Office vibes this past week…

To add a cute detail to your sweatshirt, tie a scarf around your neck instead of necklace for a more worn-in, comfy look. Then, dress it up with a cool leather mini- yassss!

SINCERELY JULES ‘Daria’ sweatshirt in yellow
THE KOOPLES leather mini

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  1. Nena Nguyen Nena Nguyen says:

    wow, you are so beautiful! Nena - http://nenangyn.blogspot.co.at/?m=1

  2. Cherie Cherie says:

    This is so cute-very parisian chic! :) https://cherieedle.blogspot.com/

  3. Kenguri Style (@KenguriStyle) Kenguri Style (@KenguriStyle) says:

    And indeed it is. Such a cool combination with black, didn't see that coming! Lovely. http://kenguristyle.com/seagull-nest/

  4. Madaline Mae Madaline Mae says:

    What a gorgeous color on you http://myteaandhoney.blogspot.com/

  5. Cristina Cristina says:

    Loving the skirt and sweatshirt! http://memoriesofthepacific.blogspot.com.es/

  6. Madaline Mae Madaline Mae says:

    I love that color on you!! http://myteaandhoney.blogspot.com/

  7. Rena Rena says:

    This outfit has such good vibes and I love it! xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena www.dressedwithsoul.com

  8. Sarah Sarah says:

    So cute!! http://flipflopsandfurs.com

  9. Stefanie Stefanie says:

    Inspiring look! The black leather skirt with the delicate yellow sweater looks just so classy :) Love it. x Stefanie www.thefashionrose.com

  10. sasa sasa says:

    Love yellow! The sweatshirt is so cool! Shall We Sasa

  11. Natali Natali says:

    Sweatshirt over a leather skirt and light yellow with black work so well together, fabulous combo! http://lartoffashion.com

  12. Fashionandcash Fashionandcash says:

    I love this shadow of yellow, You look very chic

  13. vera vera says:

    You look soooo pretty!! www.blondeincashmere.com

  14. SweetMona Blog de moda SweetMona Blog de moda says:

    I love your skirt! http://sweetmona.com/

  15. Sanja Sanja says:

    Very cute look, great skirt!! http://sunmoonstyle.blogspot.co.at/

  16. Maireem Maireem says:

    Love the combo of the leather skirt with the yellow top :) Never would have thought of it :) www.maireem.blogspot.com

  17. Monika Monika says:

    Love the bit of edge the leather mini adds to the preppy pastel yellow! -M www.violetroots.com

  18. Neeltje | Thoughts in Style Neeltje | Thoughts in Style says:

    The yellow color looks so great on you! http://www.thoughtsinstyle.com/

  19. Ellie Ramsay Ellie Ramsay says:

    I don't normally like the shade yellow, but this one is lovely, not too bright x www.therawstylist.com

  20. MARTA MARTA says:

    Love the sweater and the skirt! Lovely style! http://martasfashiondiary.com http://martasfashiondiary.com

  21. Carolina Carolina says:

    Cute outfit! xx http://shititsmidnight.blogspot.co.uk/ My new post: http://shititsmidnight.blogspot.pt/2015/05/small-post.html

  22. ~ Carmen ~ ~ Carmen ~ says:

    I love how you styled the bandanna. Wow. Such an easy way to wear it! :] // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  23. claudia claudia says:

    Love the leather skirt and the bandana looks really cute! xx Claudia www.trendenciesblog.com

  24. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    Love the outfit! That skirt is awesome!!

  25. Estefania Estefania says:

    Amazing look, kisses,. http://www.fashionismylifebyestefania.com/

  26. La Bijoux Bella | by mia La Bijoux Bella | by mia says:

    Simply stylish, sporty and très chic ... for a Sunday's look. :) La Bijoux Bella | by mia

  27. Mischelle Mischelle says:

    I love the outfit! Very simple yet stylish!!! :) xoxo Mischelle http://www.nowthatschic.com

  28. Anastasia Anastasia says:

    Очень шикарно смотрится! Вы потрясающая! http:// lookmake.ru/

  29. Liz Liz says:

    love this skirt http://hashtagliz.com

  30. Avanti Avanti says:

    I love the yellow top you have paired with the leather skirt! Great look. Avanti xxx avantigarde.wordpress.com

  31. Kiara King Kiara King says:

    Once again, looking so amazing. Your styling here is impeccable - the little scarf, the ring details and that fab boyfriend watch! www.lioninthewild.com

  32. Agnes Agnes says:

    love the yellow tone.. so refreshing! love, Agnes. Newpost: JANE DOE. http://august-days.blogspot.com/

  33. Rhea Rhea says:

    Love the skirt! xx http://fuss.co.in/countdown/

  34. Andres Poiche Andres Poiche says:

    COOL LOOK http://thepocketstyle.blogspot.com/

  35. Noelle Nercessian Noelle Nercessian says:

    Love LOVE this shade of yellow - such a perfect spring time essential!

  36. Shara Shara says:

    The yellow sweater is gorg against your skin tone! x mil-ou.blogspot.com.au

  37. Prudence Yeo Prudence Yeo says:

    It's looks so cute to have a short scarf around the neck! Love the sweater too, the shade of yellow is so pretty! Prudence www.prudencepetitestyle.com

  38. Carine Carine says:

    Love your yellow sweater! And that scarf makes the coolest accessory! http://fashion-soup.com/

  39. Ľubka Ľubka says:

    love this look ! :) http://fashion-and-beauty-diary.blogspot.sk/

  40. Miss Key Miss Key says:

    The leather skirt is pure rock, it's really cool and the mix with the yellow sweatshirt can't be more amazing. Adore the neck scarf details and how it puts a retro chic touch on the outfit. Kisses http://miss-key.com/ (old http://www.misskeyblog.com/)

  41. Elise Elise says:

    Love the pale pastel yellow combined with the bold bandana and leather skirt! Chic and edgy. :) Xo, Elise www.w-t-fab.com

  42. Michelle Michelle says:

    Hi, You look so amazing , for your next shooting , we invite you to put some of our most beautiful DIAMONDS on your fingers , they will look so great on you !

  43. Cristina Cristina says:

    Lovely!!! New Post www.martinandvalentina.com Do you líke it? Kisses


    I like so much this look. Is very cool. http://elsecretodemistercloset.com

  45. MElisa MElisa says:

    You are so very beautiful. I share the passion for yellow clothes. They are so flattering!

  46. Valentina Valentina says:

    Super cute sweater. i love how you paired it with leather mini skirt. You look so rock! http://www.mybubblyzone.com/

  47. Nobodyscloset Nobodyscloset says:

    The leather skirt is just beautiful! https://nobodyscloset.wordpress.com

  48. Leta Leta says:

    Cute outfit! Yellow fits you very well! Fashion blogger, freelance stylist and photographer, interior designer, photo model and music production student. Check out my fashion blog http://letucc.blogspot.com/ Great and big things are coming!

  49. Katey Katey says:

    Such a cute look! Love th yellow sweat too. XO Katey style-wanderlust.blogspot.com

  50. mónica Sors mónica Sors says:

    Like so much the skirt, and color of the top is so cool ;) xx Mónica MES VOYAGES À PARIS

  51. sand sand says:

    Love Yellow so so much, it goes very well with your outfit, great choice ;) ;) MERCI! Bisous from France, Sand. www.taimemode-fashionblog.com http://photosfrench.blogspot.fr

  52. Neha Soni Neha Soni says:

    Nice color harmony, looking gorgeous. http://indianstylestealer.weebly.com/

  53. Marika Marika says:

    I love the combo of textures!! I love your skirt! http://laviecestchic.blogspot.it facebook.com/laviecestchic

  54. Diane Diane says:

    Love the sweater ! http://www.fruityandpassion.com/2015/05/summer-of-love-with-topshop_21.html#more

  55. tiffany tiffany says:

    Obsessed with the black leather skirt! Love how you styled it with the yellow top!! Please check out my blog here: Flaunt and Center 

  56. Paola Paola says:

    Great outfit, I love this color

  57. The Spring Trends & 100 Cute Spring Outfits - Just The Design says:

    […] Julie Sarinana in a black bandana outfit […]

  58. Meg Meg says:

    That yellow shirt! I love it!!! -Meg www.frommegwithlove.wordpress.com

  59. Cool Lemonade Cool Lemonade says:

    Woo! I love the yellow sweater!! It's great! I invite you to take a look of my blog, www.cool-lemonade.com Thanks!!!

  60. Agnes Agnes says:

    Love the touch of the scarf! Agnes x http://blvckbee.com http://instagram.com/blvck.bee/

  61. A&I A&I says:

    Love the silver detailing! Kisses / A&I www.bloodxblack.blogspot.dk

  62. Hannah Hannah says:

    That mini skirt is too cool! Love it! XX http://hannahhappily.blogspot.com

  63. Emily Emily says:

    I love that bandana! It takes me back quite a few years to when that style of bandana was all the rage - you wear it so nicely! The yellow of your shirt is also perfect-o! Emily http://www.threadsandblooms.com

  64. Nissi Mendes Nissi Mendes says:

    Perfect with the scarf detail. www.nissimendes.ch

  65. Pam Pam says:

    This look is very Parisian-chic! Love it! Pam www.thegirlfrompanama.com

  66. Lorena Lorena says:

    Amazing look! www.preparadaslistasya.com

  67. Julia Julia says:

    I love the added detail of the handkerchief, and that sweater is just the most beautiful shade of yellow. Now if only I weren't so pale and could pull off a killer black mini skirt like that! Julia ExploresMore.com

  68. Julia Julia says:

    The colour suits you perfectly ♥ http://cosmicconfession.blogspot.de/

  69. Priscilla Priscilla says:

    Love this look and the yellow sweatshirt! :) http://priscillaeliodoro.blogspot.com/

  70. Elizabeth Hawn Elizabeth Hawn says:

    love how you accessorized this yellow sweater! http://www.atlantastateofmind.blogspot.com

  71. Pinker Please Pinker Please says:

    Love this yellow sweatshirt and the leather skirt!! T You look so chic!!

  72. Suliane V. Suliane V. says:

    This outfit is so cute!! You're amazing!! Xoxo http://biscoitofashion.com.br/

  73. Amanda Miller Amanda Miller says:

    I love how bold you are with your outfits!I would never picture this bandana worn around the neck like that but it perfect!!! xoxo A The Miller Affect

  74. Courtney Courtney says:

    Love this look. That skirt is seriously so awesome! http://www.breakfastatvogueblog.com/

  75. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    Cool look, loving that skirt! x StephC http://sstephcc.blogspot.com/

  76. Jasmine Montana Jasmine Montana says:

    Love the skirt! Always a fan of Kooples. www.mikolmarmi.com

  77. ari ari says:

    Love the skirt! www.thedoubledenim.com

  78. Fiorelka Fiorelka says:

    Great outfit. This kind of yellow is perfect! http://fiorelkasworld.com/

  79. Ina Nuvo Ina Nuvo says:

    what a cute look! great use for that bandana :) All the best Ina http://www.ina-nuvo.com

  80. Carrie Carrie says:

    such a great Outfit. love it Check out my new post on my blog http://carrieslifestyle.wordpress.com Posts online about Hallstatt, Tahiti, St. Tropez...

  81. Denise Denise says:

    I LOVE the skirt and yopur rings! You look great as always!! http://fashionkings.org/

  82. Adriana Adriana says:

    There is something soothing, refreshing, and comforting about this yellow. It looks lovely on you. I've been trying to figure out my summer capsule wardrobe colors, and I think you just introduced me to one of them! ; )

  83. Ana Ana says:

    You look gorgeous! xxx http://waitwhat-ab.blogspot.com.es/2015/05/cannes-festival-2015.html

  84. Lindsey Lindsey says:

    You're a total babe! Lovin' your whole look! Stay Styled, Lindsey Instagram: stay_styled Blog: http://staystyledblog.com/

  85. ColourClub ColourClub says:

    Lovely Look! So clean and chic! Love the sweater and the scarf! Love from Vienna Borislava from www.colourclub.at

  86. Lauren Nakagawa Lauren Nakagawa says:

    Lemon is a great shade on you :) Tough and feminine all at the same time. www.shoesandsashimi.com

  87. Jen Jen says:

    Love the neck scarf and your yellow top! Style by Avery

  88. Katie Katie says:

    I really love how you style your outfits. The neckercheif is a great, but subtle detail to the outfit! http://www.theaisleofstyle.com/

  89. Carly Conners Kenihan Carly Conners Kenihan says:

    Totally digging the yellow right now. I just did a post on a great yellow romper last week but I'm loving this comfy chic look. That sweatshirt looks so cozy. xx Carly http://bunbunbook.com

  90. un2dejuniorosa un2dejuniorosa says:

    Tan sencilla y absolutamente perfecta. Besos www.un2dejuniorosa.com

  91. alexandra alexandra says:

    tu look es unico me gusta como vistes. Chicas tambien tenog un blog las invito a verlo https://alemakeup2631.blogspot.com

  92. Julieanne Julieanne says:

    I love the bandana around your neck, you look great Jules! I'm a fashion blogger as well, check me out: www.jboomsroom.blogspot.ca

  93. Hayley Larue Hayley Larue says:

    This such a beautiful and soft shade of yellow. It looks amazing with your tanned skin! <3 StyledByBlondie.com

  94. Quinn Quinn says:

    Loving the ascot! Too cute www.qustomquinns.com/blog

  95. Valeria Valeria says:

    You look gorgeous!!! Love your skirt!!! Valeria http://milanparis.blogspot.fr

  96. Lindsay Lindsay says:

    Love the soft color and texture of this sweatshirt! Looks perfect with the leather mini!! pinkandnavystripes.com

  97. Nichole Nichole says:

    Love this outfit! I love the color! Love the acessories you put with this outfit! What brand of watch are you wearing! I love it!

  98. Yvonne Yvonne says:

    This yellow sweatshirt is so cute! xx Yvonne http://tellmeyblog.com

  99. Alina Alina says:

    Dream.Believe. The skirt is great!

  100. Marjorie Marjorie says:

    Love this mini skirt! xx www.mybeautrip.com

  101. laureen laureen says:

    J'ADORE !!!!! xo http://stansmithwho.blogspot.fr

  102. Valentina Valentina says:

    Hi! I just wanted to tell you that I really like your blog, and that outfit though, is very simple but pretty.

  103. nick nick says:

    Ah... yellow "amarelo" is my favorite color (:

  104. Maria Geronico Maria Geronico says:

    The skirt is really sexy, I love it! But, I couldn't wear that at the office... they are too posh in Puig! Check out my new post "Dear old fashioned e-commerce" and the new social media apps that allow the user to shop Luxury Goods! I also invite you to join me on my new Facebook page! www.mgluxurynews.com/posts https://www.facebook.com/MGLuxuryNews Bests!

  105. Abraham Daniels Abraham Daniels says:

    Love your style. Killing that outfit! www.abrahamdaniels.com

  106. ashley ashley says:

    very chic!! www.collectiverequest.com

  107. LOTTIE LOTTIE says:

    Please! Really want to know: the beautiful sandal wedges in the previous article; where are they from?? Must have!!!!

  108. Lottie Lottie says:

    Please - really want to know - the shoes in previous article: the wonderful wedges , where are they from?

  109. Laureen Lifestyle Laureen Lifestyle says:

    Love your sweatshirt <3 http://laureenlifestyleblog.blogspot.fr

  110. Charlie (@charlielbl) Charlie (@charlielbl) says:

    I love this look. I recently saw a scarf around a women's neck in a photo somewhere and thought to myself "I need to do that" - will be pulling this one out in Italy in less than two weeks! - Charlie, www.lemonbutterlove.com

  111. Patricia Patricia says:

    I love the bandana!!! xoxo https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/donkeycool-4487669/

  112. Jen Jen says:

    Love the sweatshirt! So cute. xx http://modernensemble.com

  113. Annie Abbey Annie Abbey says:

    Obsessed with this look! Yellow can be a tricky color to wear but you rock it! Love this bandanna trend too! XOXO /// Annie Abbey http://www.somethingswellblog.com/

  114. Viktoria Brzeska Viktoria Brzeska says:

    Lovely match! I'm in love with matching black and sweet yellow! It's my one of favourite in spring. Please check my page: skirtsandblack.blogspot.com! I have only one post and I need someone to create this page :)! xoxo

  115. La la LU lo La la LU lo says:

    You've done better. This is not good. at all.

  116. Campbell Whalen Campbell Whalen says:

    I love your style so much, this outfit in particular is killer

  117. De bandana anno 2015 | Tessted says:

    […] punt naar voren, deze zomer wordt-ie volledig opgerold en geknoopt. It-girls als Vanessa Hudgens en Sincerely Jules gaven al het goede voorbeeld en ook spotte ik Dutchies Noor (Queen of Jetlags), Linda (Linda Tol) […]

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