If you’re looking for a way to take your outdoor entertainment to the next level, a movie night under the stars is a great idea. I hosted my very first one a few weeks ago with family and friends and it was so much fun! Everyone loved it! 

I’ve put together a checklist to make your outdoor movie night experience a success. Keep scrolling through! 

Xx Jules! 



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The projector – You’ll need a good quality projector. There are so many great options to choose from, I’m linking a few below. 

The screen – Fortunately, you don’t have spend on a fancy screen, you can create a DIY screen with a white sheet using whatever materials you have in your yard to hold it up or use a white wall. Do note that an inflatable screen or portable projector do offer a better picture, so if you have the budget I highly recommend this option.

Sound – Investing in a good pair of portable speakers will make all the difference. Linking a few options below.


One of the best parts about a movie is enjoying snacks while watching one. Stock up on different types of popcorn including salty and sweet flavors as well as movie theater candy. Don’t forget the nachos and some drink options. A little bit of wine wouldn’t hurt as well! 😉


As for seating, a large blanket or two and a few chic throws makes for a great surface. Add several pillows to keep things cozy, and a few chair options are great for back support. For decor, I set up mini tables with plants & cacti, and wicker baskets with additional blankets in case my guest got chilly. Lastly, I gathered a few candles to set the mood and have some sort of light for those in between breaks. 


Host your outdoor movie night in a chic outfit. I opted for a midi knit dress by Camila Coelho. The ribbed fabric gives this dress a touch of luxe and the material is comfortable enough to lounge in. I paired it with a matching pullover and statement earrings to add a touch of chic to this simple but sweet look. Perfect for a balmy evening ensemble.

A simple dress paired with minimal jewelry is the perfect look to host an evening event outdoors!



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