How to layer clothes in winter!

Reims, France February 28

I personally believe that the ideal fall outfit consists of a perfect blend of functionality and fashion. This entails creating a chic ensemble with stylish pieces, combined with cozy essentials, all layered together not only for warmth but also to elevate your look.

There is an art to layering while ensuring the right balance of pieces and proportions. For instance, form-fitting turtlenecks, bodysuits, and leggings work well as base layers. Then, you can have fun layering on your main items. In this outfit, I paired a knit vest over a turtleneck and styled it with wide-leg denim. To accommodate the bulkiness of the knit, I opted for an oversized coat for both comfort and movement. I completed the look with sneakers and topped it off with a hat.

As a finishing touch, I added dainty jewelry, a belt, and a chic bag to further elevate my outfit.

xx Jules


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The ideal fall outfit consists of a perfect blend of functionality and fashion.
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  1. Layering clothes in winter is indeed an art, and you’ve nailed it with your outfit! Your tips on using form-fitting base layers and adding main items like knit vests and oversized coats for comfort and style are spot on. It’s great that you also pay attention to accessories like hats, dainty jewelry, belts, and bags to complete the look.

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