How to mix prints with color!

Los Angeles, CA May 23

When I’m in the mood for a fashion-forward and adventurous ensemble, I enjoy pairing prints with vibrant, bold colors. Combining different prints and colors can elevate your basic outfit to breathtaking levels, but achieving the perfect balance can be tricky. Let me guide you through the art of mixing prints and color.

To create a good balance, start by selecting prints with complementary colors and different size proportions. This will ensure that your mixed print outfit remains visually appealing. Since prints take center stage, they will determine which other items and colors will pair well with them. For example, I began with a stunning floral jacket and decided to pair it with a contrasting stripe print to add a touch of adventure. The key is to ensure that the color palettes complement each other. When selecting bottoms or vice versa, always incorporate a grounding element, just like I did here with neutral green cargo pants.

Finally, embrace the power of color! If you prefer a more subtle look, neutral shoes work great. However, if you’re feeling adventurous, go all out with a bright pop of color. For the finishing touches, grab a crossbody bag and sunglasses. There’s something magical and inspiring about adding a bit of color and print flair to your outfit, igniting your creative juices.

xx Jules





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TIP: If you’re new to print mixing with vibrant hues, start by incorporating just one pattern instead of two. Additionally, instead of pairing a print with a colorful clothing item, opt for a colorful bag. This allows you to gradually experiment with bolder combinations as you gain confidence in styling this vibrant mix.

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  2. Hi. Honestly I don’t feel very confident in mixing very different colors together. For example; I would mix pink shoes with jeans and a pink shirt. You mixed blue, green and pink. Bold choice however you look amazing with your style. I love the bag! So petite and feminine. What I would mix though is tight and loose. For example; you wore loose pants and blouse. With the loose blouse I would have worn tight pants or viceversa


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