Easy Breezy.

February 16

The easiest and my favorite kind of outfits are those that require little to no thinking. Those outfits that consists of all basic pieces. Those outfits that are easy breezy and are the most comfortable, no fuzz kind of outfits.

I always say to have a couple of stripe tees (long sleeve, short sleeve, tanks) in your wardrobe because they’re so classic and look effortlessly chic. A denim jacket that looks distressed is another one to have in your closet- throw it on over a pretty dress or wrap it around your waist for a cooler look. Lastly, my favorite- ripped skinny jeans, in all colors if possible. Blue, black, white, grey… etc. I’m obsessed with growing my skinny jeans collection!

What are you favorite classic staples?

happy Monday! x

GAP stripe long sleeve tee
TOPSHOP leigh skinny jeans
CHLOE scallop flats
J CREW denim jacket
SAINT LAURENT aviator sunnies

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  2. Great post, Great photos and great website! I really like some of the bits in this range it would fit really well into my shop, Thanks for the post. I have shared this with everyone in my team.

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