It’s been a casual 6 months, and I can’t complain! With no events to attend, and no travels on the horizon, I’ve been brushing up on hang out wear and lounge looks.

I usually spend time pairing outfits for specific occasions, and it’s been really freeing and fun to just dress down and play with this casual life/vibe. I’ve definitely explored some things that I otherwise wouldn’t have. I like to be constantly redefining my relationship with style and clothing. So for me it’s an adventure!

You all know my love affair with the Rivington tank by Bandier. It’s the perfect tank for any bottom when you’re in for a more laid back look. The yellow tie dye is my happy place. These Zara pastel lilac chino pants are so soft and comfortable. They’re light and the fit is perfect for doing a little something, or just hanging and doing nothing ;). The bag is Soraya Hennessey and it’s the day bag that I’ve been using non-stop!

Have you been going out or staying in? Tell me your go-to feel good outfits for these crazy times we’re in?! What has the ‘new normal’ brought to your sense of style?


BANDIER tie dye tank

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