As a creative and entrepreneur I’m constantly looking for ways to create engaging and unique content. One of the best free programs I like to use on the daily is Canva – this platform instantly helps elevate my work! I use it to create beautiful content + graphics for my brand and blog, it’s really become my go-to tool. They offer so many free templates for various social channels and I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve customized templates for presentations to pitch brand partnerships.

Whether you’re a creative, a teacher, a mom, a student, a working professional or even just have a side hustle going – no matter your goal, there’s a free template for you! Canva offers an endless amount of graphic elements, a full library of fonts, animation effects and so much more! It’s really easy to use, time efficient and I love that it’s customizable to your needs!

Keep scrolling to check out some of the brand templates I’ve designed with Canva as well as some additional key features. And make sure to try Canva the next time you’re designing anything – a dinner party invite, a newsletter or even an invoice….make it fun and design with ease, the options are endless!

Check out Canva here. 

Xx Jules

Creativity doesn’t always come easily, so it’s nice to have go-to programs that offer aesthetically pleasing templates that can assist my creative process. 

Here are some additional key features CANVA offers:

– Free templates 

– Free photos 

– Full library of fonts + ability to upload your own

– Ability to upload your own images

– Video editing / video messaging

– Animation effects

– Free audio tracks

– Ability to export Gif, PDF, JPG, SVG, etc. 

– Ability to print your designs as merch and more

– Ability to organize folders & storage

– Mock-up presentation templates

– Social media templates for IG stories, feed posts and more

– Ability to collaborate by link sharing, joining a team, brainstorming

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  2. We use it a lot, it makes easy what was previously very complicated for those of us who are not expert designers. I’m lovin ‘it!!. Thank you very much for sharing

  3. I was just creating a new logo on Canva. Totally agree with all the good recommendations you mentioned.

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