My new fave Beauty Essentials!

Los Angeles, CA January 21


While I have my go-to beauty staples on lock, I’m always open to finding and sharing new favorites. I get super excited to try something new if a friend gives me a rec or discovering products while in the beauty aisle. For me makeup has always been a form of self-expression. Some days a great mascara & blush will do the trick to make me feel like I can take on the day. On others, I love to experiment with eye shadow and a bold lip – especially for an evening glam look. 

I’ve found that prepping my skin is key before applying makeup. I love a good moisturizer and facial spray mist – this helps my skin feel clean and gives me that dewy look we all love. If you’re feeling adventurous and in need of some new beauty products, I went ahead and did the hunting for you. From multi-blush sticks to facial serums to your new favorite lipgloss, these products are sure to add a little extra magic to your day. 

Xx Jules

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