New In: Lola Knit Sweater

Los Angeles, CA June 12

A good knit for summer is always hard to find, so I decided to make one! I love the new Lola Knit Sweater from Shop Sincerely Jules. It is the perfect piece to bring along all day long, just incase you get a little chilly. My idea behind it was to make something light enough to tie around your waist when you head to the beach in the afternoon, but cozy enough to throw on as the evening beach breeze comes in while watching the sun come down.


This clean knit pattern makes it a great piece to pair with cut off denim shorts, like our Stone Cut Offs, or a pair of destroyed boyfriend jeans, like our Echo Boyfriend Jeans. The contrast of the clean ecru knit and the distressed denim is the perfect casual chic California look that I love.

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