Welcome to Mykonos! As you guys remember, I went from Athens to the two most popular islands in Greece, Santorini and Mykonos with Mr. & Mrs. Smith, a site dedicated to curating the best hotels for you.

We headed to Mykonos to enjoy two nights on the beautiful island and checked into one of the hotels from Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Grace Hotel. The cute, minimal look of the check-in area felt refreshing, as we sipped cold glasses of water. We were escorted to our room where we had a small, yet charming balcony that overlooked the beach. Cutest! I was greeted with a bowl full of fresh fruit that looked too pretty to eat (check below for photo). What I love about the Mr. & Mrs. Smith site is that it gives you a breakdown of what to expect and some key points to keep an eye for for each hotel, it’s kind of a life saver!

The yummy breakfast was always worth waking up to, followed by quick dip in the pool before we headed out for the day. The hotel was a few minutes away from the little town where all the shopping and restaurants were, so it was easy to grab car service from the hotel to take us. We enjoyed strolling through the narrow streets that almost felt like alleyways. They were filled with high-end and kitschy shops and the cutest restaurants serving some of the best Mediterranean food you’ve probably ever tasted.

Although, everyone kept telling us that Mykonos was party town, we must of gone during off-season because it was extremely calm. We didn’t do any partying, but I genuinely enjoyed having a relaxing time with one of my best friends. Here’s a little glance of what Mykonos is all about!

Mykonos, you’re so cute! Can’t wait to come back soon! NEXT stop, Santorini!

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  1. Jules my dear trust me on that , I m in Mykonos every year.Wonderful hotels are also Mykonos Ammos and Blanc. Best bar for drinks Aroma. Great food Fos (light in Greek).next time you are there, BE there !

  2. Beautiful shots! Where are the looser, BF-style shorts from? Or where could I find ones with the same kind of fit? Thanks!

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