exploring mykonos with soludos!

Soludos is a brand that has amazing longevity in style and taste. Over the years, the designs have been consistently beautiful, long wearing and comfortable. I am always waiting on the next collection as this brand has a special place in my closet and in my heart!

My Soludos are always with me, they are a staple in my wardrobe. If I’m traveling, I always pack a pair or two! For this campaign, they brought me to Mykonos which was an amazing place that captured the true spirit of Soludos.

For these looks, I really let the essence of the island surround and inspire me. It is an earthy place with the most incredible aged architecture, rich striking colors, and sparkling white back drops. Soludos shoes are made with organic textures such as cotton, canvas, and the trademark esparto rope. This brand is known for its comfort, style, and quality. But shoes are not where this brands story ends…they recently launched a small collection of women’s wear and bags that you have to check out!

The atmosphere of Mykonos and the composition of the shoes all paired so beautifully together. It was a dream come true to style my favorite brand in the landscape of this magical island. Check out some of my captures from this incredible journey with Soludos and scroll to shop my favorite styles below.

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