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The Puffy sleeve

April 1, 2019

I love to wear this sleeve minimally at the beach for some vintage island inspiration or with a midi and statement earrings for a more Avant guard silhouette. I sometimes even pair this style with my fav pair of boyfriend jeans. The look of a dramatic shoulder softens the décolleté and collar bones. It draws just enough attention to nail the contrast of the bold and the feminine that has been popping up everywhere.

There is so much history in these sleeves! Although they are new on trend, they are classic garment cuts that have been around for centuries. It’s so amazing to see them high-lighted with a modern touch. 

It’s a good time to be playful and experiment with spring in full swing and festival season coming up!  Don’t be afraid to add some volume to your wardrobe.

Shop some of my favorite ways to sleeve below:

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  1. Mireia Mireia says:

    Love these tops so much! They look so cute! Mireia from TGL https://thegoldlipstick.com/

  2. My lovely people My lovely people says:

    Dear you look amazing with this effortless chic outfit. I love your top and the sleeves detail makes it even cute.... Thank you for sharing... New story on my blog: Taking advantage of some cool day that we had in Miami somedays ago, I combined some pieces of spring season with summer ones, I really love to mix different kind of clothes. Don't miss it!!!!! Kisses from Miami Alba X Mylovelypeople http://mylovelypeople.com/2019/04/09/how-to-combine-a-trench-coat-and-naked-sandals/

  3. violeta violeta says:

    You look amazing! violetahoti.blogspot.com

  4. Elizabeth T. Elizabeth T. says:

    The sleeves of this top are adorable <3 :) Perfect for the spring! XO, Elizabeth T. http://clothestoyouuu.com

  5. Minah Lynn Minah Lynn says:

    I am loving these puffy sleeves. I think we can wear it anytime!

  6. Paulynagore Paulynagore says:

    Your style is perfect ! I love the shooting so much :) http://paulynagore.blogspot.com/

  7. Brigita Brigita says:

    I'm so obsessed with the puff sleeves at the moment! I started wearing them last summer when there were not that many options, but now it's trending like crazy! Which is great, because there are so many great pieces to choose from! I totally love the one from Staud. Ganni and Self-portrait are also gorgeous! Kisses, Bri | www.brigitadaisy.com

  8. the eara fashion the eara fashion says:

    i love wear

  9. Esther Loke Esther Loke says:

    Perfect outfit, perfect place, perfect pics!! I have nothing to say but PERFECT!

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  11. Felicia Felicia says:

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  12. Liam Liam says:

    These sleeves are perfect for summer!

  13. jesselyn chang jesselyn chang says:

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  14. Kadın Gömlek Kadın Gömlek says:

    Thank you for your butique posts. :)

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