Tips to host a chic picnic!

Los Angeles, CA February 04

There are several things in this world that bring me joy and one of them is a good ol’ picnic. Sunshine, fresh air, yummy food, and great conversations with friends – yes please! Plus makes for the cutest photo op. I know trying to figure out all the things you need can be a pain but not to worry, I went ahead and did all the work for you. Ahead check out a few tips + all the essentials you’ll need to host your very own chic picnic. All you have to do is pick a great location and grab some friends. 

xx Jules!


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Preparing your food in advance is key, I like to go for dishes that travel well. Think sandwiches, fruits, pasta, pizza, garden-fresh sides, like a heirloom tomato salad, cesar salad, croissants, and pastries are all excellent choices. I also recommend a charcuterie board – so great to munch on before the main meal or in between. Plus it adds a beautiful touch to a picnic setting and already comes pre-packed, making it easy to transport. 

For drinks, go for canned soda, I also like to make agua fresca – so refreshing. Pack loads of water and don’t forget the bubbly & some oj – v. important! 


For a picnic that’s only for you and a small group, an artfully decorated setting with throws and blankets is ideal. An outdoor rug is also a great idea. I’d start by placing a rug or blanket as the first layer, then add your throw along with some cushions and ottomans to lean on. Bringing a couple of side tables is ideal to place your drinks on along with a floral arrangement for decor. 

Pack several wooden bowls in dif sizes, trays, baskets to place all your food on. Do include a couple of serving tools and silverware. I like to pack my own dishes but if it makes more sense for you to bring paper plate sets, make sure they’re biodegradable. 😉 Lastly, make sure to pack cloth napkins, wet wipes and trash bags to clean up afterwards. 


What’s a cute event without music? Be sure to bring a mini speaker and your best playlist to set the mood. Catching up with your friends is sometimes all the entertainment you’ll need but bringing a board game and cards is never a bad idea.



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  1. Can’t wait to do this in the Spring/Summer ( I live in Europe ) . And these pictures are very inspiring so I keep these in my mind when the weather invites me to do this activity.

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