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July 13, 2016 · Eze, France

I am still dreaming about the South of France, so I wanted to share another look from another cute little town. Welcome to Eze! Eze is one of the cutest little mountain towns I have ever been too. The entire village is set into the mountains, with the most quaint stores behind every twist and turn of the road. The majority of the town is only walkable, as it is lots of cobblestone steps. At the very top of the town there is a beautiful garden that gives you 360 degree views of the entire French Riviera.


Walking through the winding alleyways was the best way to find cute little stoops to take pictures in front of. Not only were the backdrops beautiful, you would see the prettiest plants and flowers scattered through out the town. Sometimes 10 huge rose bushes and then a whole grouping of cacti! It was a total dream. I cannot wait to go back to Eze! It was, quite literally, picture perfect!


SOLUDOS tulip lace tall wedge 

D.RA ‘georgia’ dress

LOVERS AND FRIENDS ‘james’ denim jacket

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