Revolve Festival

· Palm Springs, CA. May 3, 2018

As festival season came to a closing end a couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be included in this years Revolve Festival weekend and be joined by all my favorite friends from around the world and work alongside one of the best teams!

Festivities started early on Tuesday of that weekend with a beautiful brunch hosted by Attico followed by a night party at one of LA’s hottest clubs, Avenue! On Wednesday, there was a brunch for one of their brands I love called Majorelle surrounded by a room full of my beautiful girls. I feel like these work trips are always extra special because its the one time many of us are in the same place, having a great time together and catching up! It’s genuine love and girl power! By night time, there was a pre-party at their social club where we did a little more socializing there…and danced to some good 90’s jams! The next day on Thursday, Revolve hosted a welcome dinner to welcome all of us at the hotel where they were staying! It was filled with food, Photo Booth, free Quay sunnies and just overall good vibes! I left early because I wanted to get a good nights rest for the big day next day, Coachella!

Finally, Friday came and we all started our much anticipated weekend attending Revolves pool party! They had the best acai bowls that kept us fresh during that sunny day, they had JONBOY doing daily tattoos (he did my first tattoo!) , and fun floaties if you wanted to take a quick dip! When it comes to a fun, care-free time, I always have that when I attend or work with Revolve- I just love them! They had the biggest party of the weekend, if you wanna follow the photos check #REVOLVEFestival, having it at the Merv Griffin Estate which is out of this world! They had top performers like Chance the Rapper, Snoop Dog, ASAP Rocky, YG, and 21 Savage just to name a few. I swear, it felt like it was a mini Coachella! It’s truly magical to see and be a part of!

I had the cutest pieces to help me get through the weekend where looks are everything. From wearing Lovers + Friends pieces to LPA, my looks definitely were fun and effortless! Take a look below at what some of my looks were; which is your favorite look out of the five? Tell me in the comments below!



(first look)

LOVERS + FRIENDS Daisy crop top (in pink here!)

LPA Wide leg paperbag pants (similar here + here)


LPA short 194

also wore these LPA metallic ones 

FENDI slides but love these affordable RAYE gold ones

Vintage tee but similar HERE

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  1. Fatou says:

    These looks are stung! I really love them all! xx https://closettostreet.com

  2. Revolve Festival | Katsington says:

    […] Revolve Festival Source: Sincerely Jules Revolve Festival […]

  3. Marianne says:

    So amazing! Love your looks :) <3 xx http://mariannelle.com

  4. Liezel says:

    Great looks! x http://www.fashiolieztamag.com

  5. Mireia says:

    Absolutely love it! Mireia from TGL https://thegoldlipstick.com/

  6. sara nena says:

    the first type of hand made top is AMAZING http://7-sevendays.blogspot.it/

  7. Ewa Macherowska says:

    Love your outfits and photos <3 www.evdaily.blogspot.com

  8. Elizabeth T. says:

    Looks like you had so much fun! I always love Coachella/festival photos because of that desert vibe! <3 :) And loving those white trousers that you wore in that first outfit! Sooo pretty and chic! XO, Elizabeth http://clothestoyouuu.com/

  9. Beata says:

    These pictures are so dreamy x Beataba.com

  10. Carmelatte says:

    Ohh love this look! http://carmelatte.co/the-best-beaches-in-dubai-retreat-and-fun-in-the-city-of-gold/

  11. Lindsey says:

    These pictures are incredible. It seems like it was such a fun time! Love, Lindsey http://www.thenomisniche.com

  12. shell shockers says:

    beautiful and graceful

  13. Coachella Fashion says:

    The Daisy top is so pretty! You got the perfect tan too! Please send me your Coachella looks on Instagram so I can add you to my article: https://stitchandshizzle.com/2018/04/14/coachella-fashion-best-festival-outfits/ xoxo

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  15. Kelly says:

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  16. Monika says:

    3rd, 4th and 5th look are my fave! :)

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  19. Taylor says:

    Definitely, the first one is my fave! Love your style. Your blog is an inspiration.

  20. Monica Ip says:

    SUPER FESTIVE<3 love all the skits, prints and dresses! check out my blog: www.imonicaip.com

  21. The pink pineapple says:

    I adore your looks http://thepinkpineappleblog.blogspot.com/

  22. Kathrin says:

    I love all these looks, but my favorites are the white set and the pink top! So pretty! Kathrin | Polar Bear Style

  23. Madelin says:

    Hey i love your blog so much, would you consider following mine

  24. Camille B says:

    Love the outfits it's so pretty, you look stunning :D

  25. Linda says:

    These pictures are incredible. Look stunning 💜 🌸🍃

  26. Karina Reske says:

    I'm just so inspired by your content and style Jules! But what is really impressive is your humility!! Keep up the amazing work and know how much you do for us!!!! Xx

  27. sonam says:

    nics look and cute outfit💕.Great work amd very nice post.I love your style.Thanks for sharing.

  28. Jack says:

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