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Los Angeles, CA January 25

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There’s no better time to refresh your house or apt than in the new year. I know this can be difficult without a budget but sometimes little tweaks here and there can make the world of difference. Also, you don’t necessarily have to purchase new furniture, sometimes just updating your decor or decluttering satisfies that itch for change. Here are a few things I like to do to give my home a mini facelift. 

xx Jules

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Deep cleaning your home is a great way to make everything feel fresh and new. Try to go through every room and tackle what you can. Even tidying up one room can make a difference. Sometimes you’ll find that simply decluttering or rearranging your furniture helps you see your place in a brand-new light.  


Now that you’ve organized and have extra space to breathe, you can move on to adding new accessories! This is a no-brainer way to add new life to your home. Your tv console and coffee tables are great spots to start with. Start by removing all accessories and putting them to the side, so you can have a clean canvas to work with. For the coffee table, I like to constantly refresh a stack of books, swap out a candle or even adding fresh  flowers every other week are great updates. 

Something that helps me when styling my home is groupings of three and moving each item around until something visually sticks. This can be a large vase, a candle (go for one with an interesting shape to add visual interest), and a wooden or wicker bowl are sweet little options. This technique works for many areas in your home. 

Additional tips: Plants and trees are great ways to add life to any room in your home. Update your rug – but don’t throw away your old one, be resourceful and swap them out every once in a while. 


There are so many great online stores + retail shops where you can find some amazing decor + furniture. Here are some of my favorites: Maison Trouvaille, Berber Imports, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Home goods and Zara home have been my go-to. 

The Rose Bowl and flea markets are great for unique finds. I always find myself coming home with some amazing art pieces, vintage furniture and some of the most beautiful handcrafted vases I’ve ever come across.

My close friend and one of my favorite interior designers Erick Garcia of @MAISONTROUVAILLE recently opened his shop where you can find a curated collection of old and new vintage pieces from around the world, one of a kind pieces and luxe furniture. You can book an in store appointment here

Also, my girl Kendall recently opened a flagship store, @OLIVEATELIERS here in LA. You can find all the cute pots, stools, vases, tables and plenty of other amazing goodies. What’s even better is that her price points are super budget friendly. You can visit the site here.




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  1. Rearranging furniture and incorporating new artwork can instantly breathe new life into any room. Embrace simplicity by decluttering and letting natural light flow freely, creating a welcoming and refreshed atmosphere. You can also use clay roofing tiles to give your terrace a wonderful look.

  2. Beautifully curated interior spaces! I love Urban outfitters as well. They have lots of great options to choose from 🙂 Great post!

  3. I am all for minimalism, aesthetically pleasing decor, and aromatherapy – I think those can dramatically transform a home into a therapeutic enclave 🙂

  4. Your idea’s sound wonderful on refreshing my living space, I will give it a try. Thank you Jules

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