The Perfect Holiday Dress.

November 21, 2016 · Downtown Los Angeles

The holidays are probably my favorite time of year! I love everything about celebrating- from the food, to the quality time you get to spend with your loved ones and all of the holiday parties you get to attend. It is the best way to end the year. Having a lot of close friends and a big family definitely has it’s perks- I get to attend holiday parties back to back to back.

Since I don’t often wear dresses, I need to make sure that whatever dress I do wear fits my personal style and can be versatile- like this gorgeous Rebecca Taylor Dress from Nordstrom. Nordstrom is my one stop shop for holiday dressing! I can find all of the dresses I need, plus shoes, accessories and make up. Can’t beat that! It can get a little time to find the perfect holiday dress, especially if you have to find more than one, but sticking to a few of these tips can get you through holiday dress shopping:

  1. Choose a dress that is your style. Just because it is the holidays doesn’t mean that you HAVE to throw on sparkles and sequins. (By all means, do so if that is your style!) Keep the style of your holiday dresses as close to your usual style. If you want to add a little bit of flare, opt for ruffles or lace.
  2. Make sure you are comfortable. When trying on dresses, remember that you will be walking around and socializing in this dress. (Most likely not hiding it under a coat) You don’t want to be fidgeting and readjusting all night!
  3. Choose a color that compliments your wardrobe. 9 times out of 10 I go with a black dress, but when looking for something a little more fun I think about the other pieces I have in my closet to match it back to. Plan your outfit out in your head and anything missing you can also pick up at Nordstrom!


ANINE BING leather jacket

TOGA PUGA lace up flats (similar here and here)

SAINT LAURENT studded cross body (similar here and here)


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