Black Lives Matter

June 11, 2020

My heart has been heavy recently, but the unity, love, and solidarity we all have seen on a global level, gives me hope. Hope for change, hope for equality and hope for a better tomorrow. It’s a beautiful reminder that collectively, we can reshape the future.

I’ve been using my time to focus on donating to organization’s that are working to create real change. I am doing the work to sign petitions, vote, and educate myself on Black History, oppression, violence, and systemic racism. As a Mexican woman of color, I am anti-racist. I stand with love, compassion, and awareness with and for the Black community. My heart is strong and prepared to resist and fight for racial justice. I will do everything in my power to support and push to create radical change.

It’s imperative for myself and the SJ team to continue to show our solidarity and help amplify Black voices and people of color in our community. We wanted to create a list and highlight some beautiful Black influencers, artists, beauty and fashion brands I’ve followed over the years and some recent accounts we’ve come across! Pictured and numbered below are just a few amazing and inspiring Black creatives that have touched my life and inspired me.

Please add to this space by sharing other Black artists of all mediums.

Here’s to Love, Light, and powerful change NOW!


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  1. Mansur Mansur says:

    nice artical, very knowledgeable

  2. Mireia Mireia says:

    I've been aducating myself reading and watching docummentaries, and I also really appreciate everyone who are sharing black creators and small businesses. Definitely a way to help in some way! In my blog I'm starting a round of interviews to black creators only where they'll share a bit more of their experience in the influencer and content creator community, and I invite you to have a read! Mireia from TGL https://thegoldlipstick.com/

  3. Nina Nina says:

    I'm curious to know how many Black employees you have as part of the SJ team. There has been a lot of performative ally ship by many influencers who have a STRONG connections to Revolve and Shopbop--these are 2 retailers who have not been anti-racist, and who are just now making statements due to pressure. You have benefited tremendously from these partnerships (along with other problematic brands) and I'm curious why you continued to align yourself with them as a self-described, " Mexican woman of color, I am anti-racist. I stand with love, compassion, and awareness with and for the Black community." You can't be anti-racist, and claim you stand with the Black community while aligning yourself with brands that benefit your bottom line, yet exclude, harm and tokenize Black men and women. You were very quiet when consumers brought up the problematic white-washed exclusiveness of these brands. Yet, it was always business as usual with you with al of your #ad. I ask you to examine and interrogate how you have benefited from being in that white-washed world. We have seen who your friends are, which speaks volumes. We have sadly seen many POC who prefer to assimilate and be accepted for capital gain, as opposed to speaking up and actively doing things. Those who have always been anti-racist do so even when it's not popular, even when it's not a hashtag, even when all your friends aren't on the performative bandwagon... So one last question: can you specify what "anti-racism vibes" are?

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