Black Lives Matter

Los Angeles June 11

My heart has been heavy recently, but the unity, love, and solidarity we all have seen on a global level, gives me hope. Hope for change, hope for equality and hope for a better tomorrow. It’s a beautiful reminder that collectively, we can reshape the future.

I’ve been using my time to focus on donating to organization’s that are working to create real change. I am doing the work to sign petitions, vote, and educate myself on Black History, oppression, violence, and systemic racism. As a Mexican woman of color, I am anti-racist. I stand with love, compassion, and awareness with and for the Black community. My heart is strong and prepared to resist and fight for racial justice. I will do everything in my power to support and push to create radical change.

It’s imperative for myself and the SJ team to continue to show our solidarity and help amplify Black voices and people of color in our community. We wanted to create a list and highlight some beautiful Black influencers, artists, beauty and fashion brands I’ve followed over the years and some recent accounts we’ve come across! Pictured and numbered below are just a few amazing and inspiring Black creatives that have touched my life and inspired me.

Please add to this space by sharing other Black artists of all mediums.

Here’s to Love, Light, and powerful change NOW!


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