From Left to Right:

ELIZABETH AND JAMES ‘carine’ plaid flannel 

NARS ‘back room’ nail polish 

LANCOME ‘le vermillion’ lipstick 

MANGO leather biker jacket 

EUGENIA KIM ‘devon’ bowler hat 

AMERICAN EAGLE chunky knit beanie 

SAINT LAURENT patent lace up boots 

STELLA MCCARTNEY quilted backpack 

FOR LOVE AND LEMONS ‘blossom’ bralette 

RAY BAN ‘icon’ sunglasses 

SAINT LAURENT lipstick clutch 

KENNTH JAY LANE choker necklace 

CONVERSE ‘chuck taylor’ seasonal sneakers 


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  1. Hey Jules, first of all, thanks for a great list!
    Secondary, regarding that purse: it might be an odd question, but how roomy is it?
    Asking since I’ve been concealed carrying in my purse for a while now(big girl .45!), hence why I gotta know if it’s going to fit there along with rest of my stuff!
    Also how durable is it? My stuff can be a bit on heavier side(specifically said CCW on top of 45 ammo from ).
    Thanks in advance!

  2. A plaid shirt has been on my list forever! I just never found the perfect one. But this fall I definitely will buy one. It’s just so cool mixed with boots and leather.

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