Father’s day gift guide!

Los Angeles, CA June 07

Father’s day is soon approaching which means, it’s time to find the cool dad in your life the perfect present. I absolutely love to spoil my dad on this holiday – the love is real year round but on father’s day I like to make him feel extra special. I’m definitely a daddy’s girl! 

If you’re stuck on what to get your dad, or any father figure in your life, not to worry – I’ve got you covered! Ahead I’ve rounded up some gift ideas for the coolest / chicest dad – from grooming essentials to cool sneakers to accessories, there’s something your dad will love! Take a look. 

xx Jules

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  1. Greetings & Happy New Year!!! I purchased the cutest top for myself, and my daughter wore it for a photo shoot and it is now featured in a magazine and she’s wearing it on her Instagram Profile picture. So cute and fashionable. Her IG is Tamiya Jolie Model Behavior. Thank you and have a great day.

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  3. Hi!

    I really think these ideas are super cute and fashionable! I would add some Vitamic C face cream!



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