How to dress for a snow trip!

Jackson Hole, Wyoming December 29

Dressing for the snow can be really challenging when trying to keep warm without compromising your ootd. If your stumped on what to wear, check out a few pieces I wore, while in Jackson Hole, that you can easily mix match with any outfit.

A puffer is always an ideal choice for the snow – they’re waterproof, warm and super cute! The one I’m wearing here is by Lovers and friends. Another key item is a jumpsuit. There are plenty of chic options out there to choose from, I linked a few above. Those 2 pieces with a pair of moon boots, a beanie, gloves and bag – your pretty set and can really wear with just about anything!

XX Jules! 



Similar CORDOVA Jumpsuit

MOON BOOTS Nylon boot

Similar GOLDBERGH Goggle

Similar DIOR Bag

KEY TIPS: Make sure to start with an under-layer such as thermals, vests, or leggings – all pretty essential to keep you warm. Then throw on your cute coat or puffer, ski suit/pants. If you find yourself getting too hot, wearing items with zippers makes it much easier to remove layers. I also highly suggest you wear sunglasses to protect your eyes – the snow can be intense on your eyes! 😉

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