How to get that shiny beach wave!

Los Angeles, CA April 05

I love exploring different techniques to achieve beach waves. Heat, obviously, is the easiest way, but taking breaks from the heat is a good way to get that shine back into your hair. 

I like to let my hair air dry with a nice product to prep the hair and tame frizz and flyaways. If your hair is naturally wavy or curly, give this a try before resorting to blow drying or combine with your iron after the hair is 90-100% dry. PSA- Nothing worse than wet hair on your iron, it leads to major damage! Yikes!

When applying a product to wet hair, I twist it into ringlets, and then scrunch it using my hair towel, and my hands to give it a good thorough massage. The scalp needs love too, don’t forget to add in that extra bit of self care by stimulating the scalp!

Time is of the essence, if you have it- use it to allow the hair to dry. If not, you can use the help of a towel or even your dryer. I like diffusing my hair on a medium setting, if I’m in a hurry. I find this helps to boost a natural wave and curl. 

Once the hair is dry, I’ll add another coat of heat protectant, and go in for some waves- always leave out the ends of the hair while focusing the styling on the middle section! This is the secret to a beach wave, and not an 80’s banana curl. 😉 Before brushing out my waves, I like to let them sit for a few minutes, spray with a fishing spray then brush and finger work out the waves. 

A shine spray or an oil such as Moroccan oil is a great end game for beach waves. It seals in any loose pieces that missed the iron, and gives off a smooth shine that lasts! 

I hope you enjoyed my tips, how do you get waves? Am I missing something? Let me know in comments if you use these techniques! Keep scrolling for more of my favorite hair products. <3


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A shine spray or an oil such as Moroccan oil is a great end game for beach waves.






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