Le Café

St. Tropez. August 11

Photography by Grant Legan.

On one of our last days in St. Tropez with Soludos, we spent it walking near the town shopping and sippin’ on yummy café. We stopped by this particular coffee shop early in the morning before the streets became crowded and before we couldn’t have our little photoshoot session. It felt refreshing to just explore the town without having to follow a map or someones suggestions, to be able to do our own thing and get lost was always when we had the most fun!

The thing about traveling is that you just have to get lost. You have to check out some of the touristy places, obviously, but I think it’s always more magical when you can just explore and find your own way into the little towns. Talk to locals, eat at a mom & pop restaurant, put away your phone and just really take in the city that you’re in.

Anyway, the off-the-shoulder top was the perfect piece to wander St. Tropez’ charming town and enjoy the hot, sunny weather. When I travel, I alway pack some sort of Levi’s item whether it’s a jean jacket, jeans or short shorts. It’s one of my go-to brands to travel with because all of their pieces are so versatile. There’s certain items that always make the cut when I travel and these shorts are definitely one of them.. will work on a separate post for my travel must haves!


SOLUDOS raffia classic espadrilles

DESIGNERS REMIX off the should top

LEVI’S denim shorts


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