My make-up/beauty routine is pretty much the same everyday. I definitely love to experiment with new looks from time to time but for everyday beauty wear, I like to stick with an easy, breezy light coverage look that’s easy to pull and that works well year round. I’m such a sucker for the warmer seasons – probably because we all get that natural glow from the heat going. Everything that I use daily are items to help achieve a natural sun-kissed vibe, and using the right products that target specifically what I want from dewy cheeks to beachy soft hair to silky glowy skin help me maintain this look year round. This is my ultimate go-to look and guess what it’s super low maintenance and easy to achieve. 

Below I’m sharing some of my everyday go-to beauty essentials from favorite make-up products to hair products to nail polish to skin products to even favorite perfumes! Keep scrolling through! 

Xx Jules 

wearing DIOR pink clay mask


If time is on your side I highly recommend you apply a face mask right before your make-up routine. I swear this makes all the difference in how your makeup will look and last. I always find that when I do this my skin looks fresh, awake and smooth. Obsessed with the Dior pink clay mask and Summer Fridays R+R mask. 


I’ve experimented quite a bit with several different foundations in my life. For a while now I’ve been sticking with the DIOR Airflash foundation in color 401. It offers full coverage but has a lightweight finish, which I love. I like to spray it on and use my fingertips to help smooth it out evenly – I’ve found this technique super useful as it helps avoid that cake-y look.


I love mixing tinges of copper, brown and pink tones on my eyes. A good neutral eyeshadow palette is what I turn to for my daily make-up routine. I use the DIOR eyeshadow palette in amber neutrals. Anything else outside of this color palette – specifically bolder tones, isn’t really my style as I don’t really have the skills for a dramatic eye.


My all-time favorite lipstick is the YSL in the Stone Rose color! It’s such a beautiful shade of rosy pink, perfect for everyday wear for that natural/effortless look. On days when I want to elevate my look I like to turn to a pop of red! Currently obsessed with DIOR’s velvet red (shop here)! Such a stunning shade of red – perfect for when you’re feeling edgy.


I have an array of hair products I like to turn to for those days when my hair feels dry and that help tame those pesky frizzy hairs that like to stick up. I’ve been using Moroccan oil treatment it has helped make my hair smoother and shinier. I also love Gisou’s hair oil + it smells delicious. Below I’ve linked several more hair products I like.

wearing CHANEL 636 Arancio


Nail polishes are a huge passion of mine, I love to get creative with different shades and artwork. My brother used to own a nail salon and I worked there for a while. I used to love to experiment with different colors, some days I’d go with solid colors and match my hands and feet and other days I liked to mix and match colors or have the nail techs create cute artwork. So fun! Currently loving this nail polish by Chanel in this pretty red color, looks so classic!

fave CELINE Parade Scent


I’m such a sucker for perfume – I love to have as many options as possible. I never leave my house without applying a few spritz, this is the final touch to my beauty routine. Any floral scent is my favorite. Currently I toggle between Celine and Debaser perfume – they smell absolutely divine and they last almost all day. I highly recommend both! PS. When I was a teen I used to love the Ralph Lauren + Tommy Hilfiger perfume (remember those? haha!)

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  1. The Dior pink clay mask is defog in one of my top picks as well. My pores definitely have reduced in size and my face is always so much brighter after applying this mask. I am in my mid 50’s and would love to know if you have any recommendation for masks that can help with restoring skin texture? I know collagen is great for restoring your skins’ texture. Any masks you know that has collagen infused and actually works?

  2. I’m so glad I found your blog; I love the layout, and it’s a gorgeous beauty blog. I also enjoy using Moroccan oil treatments on my hair.

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