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I started incorporating self care rituals into my day, and I love what it’s done for my well being. I’ll put a mask on or do a skin treatment while answering emails, hair treatments while cleaning up or organizing, and trying various skin products throughout the day.

A beautiful scent can trigger happiness in the brain, and a favorite hair oil or skin scrub can re-energize and offer something refreshing during those stagnant moments. I also love to give myself manicures. Painting my nails and nail care has always been a favorite and stress relieving activity. I love to be creative with my nails – it always brightens my day!

I cleaned and re-organized my pantry of products! It’s been pretty exciting to start new skincare rituals and have found these little efforts to take care of myself have helped me remain positive. Doing something for yourself each day is a great way to create space for new ideas while stuck inside. It’s the perfect time to nourish ourselves, and take time to safely give the body and mind some loving care!

Share some of your faves with me! Anything skin, hair, and nails. I’d love to know your rituals!

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  2. How I like you, Julie! Thank you for the constant atmosphere of happiness and harmony.I’m also very fond of perfumes and hair care products. For example a coconut milk hair mask)

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