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Modern makeup and skin care is an exciting, and endless journey. There are always new products to try, and trends to add to your repertoire. I love a natural look and feel when it comes to foundation and concealer. I also love a good amount of glow and just the right pop of shine! One of my favorite brands is none other than Dior.  It provides full coverage, but wears like moisturized, bare skin. I especially love the Dior Airflash Spray Foundation. It feels like your wearing nothing while giving that flawless finish. My husband, Kevin, recently commented how good my skin looks and asked if i was wearing any make up. I mentioned I was wearing a new foundation and, to my surprise, he immediately said he loves my makeup. I was pretty blown away by his compliment as he is not a fan of makeup!  Don’t get me wrong, Kevin is always supportive and honest, but for him to comment on my makeup, I knew I had to stock up on the Dior Airflash spray foundation. 😉 

Im also obsessing over the the Dior concealer and shadow duo. The tones of the shadows are flattering on all skin types, and come in most skin neutral shades. Their lipstick is highly pigmented and lasts, but it doesn’t dry out or flake. The formulas are divine! I tend to stick with warm tones and neutrals, however I’m also feeling the more vibrant lip shades and a bedazzled eye as seen in the new Glossier ‘Play’ line. I love the simple stuff ,but count me in for some extra!

Here are my current Dior favorites, and some that I’m dying to try out:


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