This year I found myself reaching for something a little different than my other past Coachella’s. I opted for a cooler vibe: sequins, sparkles and neon! Something that was fun, cool, effortless and a bit unexpected! I love the dramatic effect and texture they bring to any look. It was the perfect atmosphere to pull out all the glitz and glamour. I loved mixing the sequined pieces with a casual undertone of a laid back T, or pairing the tops, like the NBD crop and pink h:ours top, with denim or desert inspired cargo shorts.

Getting into the spirit of the music, I wore my vintage rocker T’s, like the MadewornxRevolve Rolling Stones T, and dressed everything up with festival costume jewelry and statement pieces alongside bright colored mini bags or a fanny pack. Going all out with the accessories was a must! Another one of my favorite looks was my J. Lo inspired Majorelle crochet crop top with a straw hat and hoops. It was a mix of classic desert bohemian, and modern trends that have recently made a come back. I had such a blast playing with all my Revolve pieces, here are some of my favorite festival looks! Which is your favorite? ?

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  1. Hello 🙂 which au sunglasses were you wearing on your picture with your givenchy bomber (24-25 of April in Instagram) ? I cannot find it anywhere ! Thank you so much 🥰

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