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The perfect colorful Summer dress

June 23, 2020

All dressed up and nowhere to go! It feels good to get dressed, and go for a drive. A long drive can be an awesome way to let the creative juices flow. We’ve discovered some really beautiful spots around Los Angeles on our drives. I love my city and discovering it in this new way without all the hustle and bustle, feels magical despite the circumstances.

Also, this Rails dress is too cute to sit in the closet 😉 I love a light-weight flowey dress for the warmer months. A vertical stripe is flattering and pastels are always spring and summer appropriate. I threw on my Free People chunky cardigan sweater and Lack of Colors hat along with my white woven Bottega for a more layered look.

This outfit is perfect for brunch, farmers market, flea? Who’s coming with?! 😉

Can’t wait till lockdown is officially over and it’s safe for us all to enjoy summer again! What are some of your favorite summer dress silhouettes? Mini, midi, maxi?

Shop my look below and keep scrolling for more cute summer dresses.


RAILS stripped dress

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  1. krish krish says:

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  3. Mireia Mireia says:

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  4. Daniel Daniel says:

    Inspirational. Love the model and fresh photoshoot style. Good luck in the creative activity.

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  8. Priya Sharma Priya Sharma says:

    Hey! Thanks for sharing this collection with us. Keep Sharing.

  9. Neeltje Neeltje says:

    This is such a lovely summer dress! X https://www.thoughtsinstyle.com/

  10. Monika Monika says:

    Beautiful cardigan, hat and jewelry. :)

  11. Hannah Hannah says:

    The perfect summer dress! I need that in my wardrobe http://yumitime.com

  12. SamanthaTwist.com SamanthaTwist.com says:

    So beautiful! And that was the perfect wall for the colors of this dress!!

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  14. Mugdha Mugdha says:

    Wow. I love summer dresses and your styling is really great!!

  15. MK Sabuj MK Sabuj says:

    Awesome post. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Merry John Merry John says:

    Thanks for sharing

  17. manoj kumar manoj kumar says:

    hello sir/madam, There is more than onSeeing this, no human can live without referring to ite dress on your side that makes humans beautiful. thank you professional photography cameras

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