the Ultimate straw bags

· Los Angeles, CA. September 4, 2018

Straw bags are the literal definition of timeless! People have been weaving natural fibers into bags and baskets for centuries. Designers have elevated this technique into an art creating beautiful structured shapes ranging from a simple tote and the classic bucket pattern to cute circular and moon shapes!

Designers are now even adding a fun modern twist on this stylish bag by mixing materials like acrylic and leather to create a chic look that is not only vacay ready but can be an effortless option for the city.

The straw bag in now an accessory for every season and occasion.




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  1. the Ultimate straw bags | Katsington says:

    […] the Ultimate straw bags the Ultimate straw bags Source: Sincerely Jules the Ultimate straw bags […]

  2. Carolyn Carolyn says:

    I am OBSESSED with straw bags! I'm convinced they will never go out of style, and even if they do I'll still be wearing them!

  3. ESCORA ESCORA says:

    No.9 is definitely my favourite. I saw them very often this summer, but never dared to buy one. They are very pretty! Escora

  4. Stephanie Castillo Stephanie Castillo says:

    Gotta love straw bags, so timeless! x StephC https://sstephcc.blogspot.com/

  5. Janice Collins Janice Collins says:

    Every product looks so amazing😍 happy wheels

  6. Wendy Wendy says:

    I have never bad a straw bag because I think it's a waste if I bought it for travel purpose only but when this bag becomes a new trend, I should buy one. www.hotmail.com

  7. Minah Lynn Minah Lynn says:

    Straw bags are now a thing here in our country! It's good to know that you were able to share a collection of it! It's really nice and stylish, and it can go with any style.

  8. drprasadbabu drprasadbabu says:

    Nice Collection of Straw Bags...

    • Tazminiha Tazminiha says:

      Straw bags are my favorite on holidays. They are light and easy to handle.

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  11. Vivek Vivek says:

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  12. superfighters superfighters says:

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  13. Naveen Sohail Naveen Sohail says:

    These bags are amazing I love the article its super cool.

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  16. Angelica Angelica says:

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  17. Paula Castro Paula Castro says:

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  18. COCA COCA says:

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