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I can’t believe we are already approaching 2022! Whew! This past year has brought many of us ups and downs as we’ve all been going through something that’s bigger than us. I hope through it all you’ve been keeping strong and continue pushing forward to achieve your goals and dreams. 

The start of the new year often inspires me to set new goals – new resolutions if you will. I know that word can be scary because resolutions often become failures. But the great thing is that you can always start all over again – there is no end game here, because once you reach your goal, new goals are set in place. I don’t have all of the answers on how to keep your resolutions but I’m happy to share just 4 tips I’ve learned and have really worked for me.

XX Jules

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Tip 1: Be realistic with your resolutions. Sometimes starting small and working your way up is key. For instance, if you’re someone who dreads working out, instead of saying you’re going to commit to working out 1hr every day, from one day to the next; start with 20 min, 3-2 times a week. Even a 10 min workout will make all the difference. Eventually, you’ll reach that goal of 1hr a day. This can be applied to any goal. It’s all about taking baby steps and creating realistic goals that soon can become second nature habits. 

Tip 2: I like to create a pro’s and con’s list to keep me on track. I write down things that aren’t working for me and those that I notice help keep me motivated. I like to refer to it when I feel myself slipping up. 

Tip 3: Stick to it and keep trying. I read somewhere that it takes about 2 months to form a new habit and about 6 months for it to become your personality. Changes are not going to occur overnight, so try to be as persistent as possible and patient with yourself. 

Tip 4: I like to write down little reminders on post-it notes like, drink water, take your vitamins, meditate, journal etc. This really helps me because I literally can get caught up and forget. So keeping them in my vanity or fridge are great visible spots to remind me. 

Bonus tip: Enjoy the journey. Embrace those 10 min workouts, allow yourself to step away from your daily routine and enjoy a day off. We are not perfect human beings, therefore we should not beat ourselves up over slipping up from time to time. For me creating goals is about creating a life I enjoy. 

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I wish you all a happy, healthy NEW YEAR filled with lots of love and success! Thank you all so much for supporting my blog and tuning in to read my posts, it truly means the world to me! xx

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  4. As a former and future Los Angeleno, I appreciate this post very much. I have a few NYE resolutions for myself, and this blog gave me some strength to see things through, such as quitting cigarettes – might be having a tough one with that!! Either way, thanks!

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