It’s the season to sit by the ocean and soak up some sunshine – my absolute favorite time of the year. Hello sun kissed skin! If you’re getting ready to head to a tropical destination and in need of some vacation wardrobe ideas, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve put together a little list of must-have essentials. 

It’s all about bringing an effortless mindset to your vacation ‘fits – from lightweight linens, to stunning dresses that you can wear from beach to dinner, to swimwear, to colorful accessories, to beauty items that will help keep your skin looking dewy and provide sun protection etc. 

Below, is an ultimate list of shoppable items to help get you started on your vacay needs! 

xx Jules

Make sure to pack a giant woven bag – perfect for throwing all of your exploring essentials in. An oversized button up is also a key item when traveling – throw it over your swim or dress it up for cocktail hour.  




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