How to play with textures for fall!

Paris, France October 29

I don’t know about you guys but I’ve totally been into mixing textures and contrasting colors lately. It’s a really great way to add character to an outfit. I have a feeling this will be my vibe for the season. If you’re new to combining textures, here are my simple tips to mix textures all while maintaining a cohesive look: 

First, when getting dressed I like to have a  main item in mind and work around it. For this instance, I decided to play with these high waisted leather shorts. Second, add a contrasting material to your bottoms – I originally paired these leather shorts with a crew sweater but decided on a cardi knit instead. By pairing these two materials together, I was able to achieve a more lux look. Side note: do keep in mind your color story – I went with warm and earthy tones. I absolutely adore the color contrast between this teal knit cardi and burgundy shorts. 

Lastly, add the final touches to your look with shoes + accessories. For a fall take, I went with some suede ankle boots, then finished it off with a belt and some cute jewelry pieces. This is a good one to wear when it’s just kind of chilly out and meeting up with your besties for a brunch date & some light shopping. 🙂 

Xx Jules



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 If you prefer neutral tones instead of color as I did here, adding different textures breaks up the outfit and can add interest to your look. It’s all in the details. Give this aesthetic a try and don’t be afraid to have fun and be bold!

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