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Since the weather in LA is surprisingly warm and nice-mid 70’s- today, I thought I finally share some photos from Tulum when I visited back in November with the Lovers + Friends team! We enjoyed a fun 3 day beachy getaway filled with boat rides, taco tasting, and visiting the cenotes!

One of my favorite looks from the trip consisted of this super rad tribal print fringe jacket… I meaaaan, it was totally Tulum appropriate! The hint of color in my earrings added a nice mix to dress up the jacket!

I still have sooo much more photos from past trips, a couple more from Tulum, a diary post from Brasil, photos from Hawaii and a couple other ones.

Plus, you guys guess what??! My hard drive was fixed, FINALLY, so I have more photos on there that I need to share with you! I’m soooo happy they were able to recover most of my hard drive.. so stay tuned for those photos as well! yay!

Happy Friday, x

tulum1.jpg_effected tulum7.jpg_effectedtulum5.jpg_effectedtulum4.jpg_effected

TULAROSA Santa Fe fringe jacket
PAIGE DENIM kaylee top 
LEVI’S 501 denim shorts
ISABEL MARANT eyelit calfskin sandals
BAUBLE BAR geo snake chain drop earrings


Golden Statements

zoe12.jpg_effectedWhen it comes to jewelry I am all about the gold. Aside from it going well with my skin tone, yellow gold jewelry is just so lux and beautiful. It adds a little something to anything you are wearing. I also love gold jewelry because it is so easy to combine yellow gold and white gold and it still looks chic.

I always tend to go for dainty gold jewelry. Whether it be rings, necklaces, earrings, or bracelets- dainty always works best for me. The best part about understated dainty jewelry is that you can layer it in a way that when it’s all together it essentially becomes one statement piece. You can also throw on all of your favorites at once and you don’t look like you are over doing it. In this case- the more the merrier!

Gold jewelry is incredibly versatile. Here I am wearing it with a simple dress, cardigan, and Converse. Super casual look, but adding in these little gold details really steps the look up. On the other hand, you can throw on a gown and heels and look just as amazing. Gold jewelry is one of those little things that really does make everything better. Thanks to LoveGold for letting me raid their giant jewelry box! #LoveGold

zoe.jpg_effected zoe1.jpg_effected  Give me gold and diamond rings and I am one happy girl! You can never have too many dainty gold rings.


Wearing ANINE BING loose fit knitted cardi, CONVERSE high top sneakers, ESSIE nail polish in Sand Tropez , VALENTINO studded cross body (similar here), SAINT LAURENT aviator sunnies

zoe2.jpg_effectedzoe3.jpg_effectedlovegold.jpg_effectedzoe6.jpg_effectedzoe19.jpg_effectedzoe15.jpg_effected  I love wearing gold necklaces. I like how I can layer a bunch on at different lengths and pretty much make one new necklace!

zoe8.jpg_effected zoe13.jpg_effectedzoe4.jpg_effected

RINGS (from left to right)

Zoe Chicco- 14K Yellow Gold ‘open bar’ ring

Almasika- 18K Yellow and Rose Gold rings

Zoe Chicco- 14K Yellow Gold ‘small V’ ring

Zoe Chicco- 14K Yellow Gold ‘open arrowhead’ ring

Zoe Chicco- 14K Rose Gold ‘X’ ring

NECKLACES (top to bottom)

Zoe Chicco- 14K Rose Gold ‘wide V’ necklace

Zoe Chicco- 14K Yellow Gold ‘two bar drop’ necklace

Noor Fares- 18K Yellow Gold ‘octahedron’ necklace