le surf.

lesurf2 lesurf1 lesurf

SINCERELY JULES ‘le surf’ summer exclusive tee
THE KOOPLES moto jacket
VINTAGE LEVI’S denim skirt
J CREW woven fringe earrings
MADEWELL strappy sandals


Cuba with Billabong Diary.

One of my dreams was fulfilled. Last month, I had the opportunity to visit a country that has been on my bucket-list for the longest, Cuba. Can’t even begin to express the joy and excitement I anticipated when I found out about the trip. All I could think and imagine were the beautiful people with endless stories to tell, the classic cars around every corner, the loud and vibrant music, the delicious homemade rice and beans with meat, and most importantly, the hope. Peoples hope to continue to look forward and remain positive.

I teamed up with Billabong to visit this beautiful country and showcase some of my favorite Billabong pieces while exploring the city. We spent four days between Habana and Varadero Playa which was a great mix of city and beach.

Our time in Habana was spent roaming around the neighborhoods, talking to locals, taking photos of cars, people and walls/buildings. The streets in Habana were filled with so much charm, at times I felt like certain streets told a story. It definitely felt like you were walking back into time. Almost every single wall was deteriorating, but I love how the wear showed character and history. The little kids playing soccer or roller blading on almost every corner brought me so much joy because you could see happiness and not one care in the world in their eyes. It was amazing.

We then drove about 2.5 hours away from Habana to explore the beach, Varadero. Probably one of the most beautiful and clean beaches I’ve been to date. From the cristal clear water, to how luke warm it was, to how soft the sand was, Varadero was a dream! Our hotel was right infront of the beach so after having breakfast every morning, we walked down to the beach to enjoy a dip and the sun. There were awesome caves just below our hotel that were easy to swim to so we hung out under the rock caves and talked about life. One of my favorite experiences to date.

We experienced a beautiful week in Cuba where we met some of the most sweetest people and talked/learned more about Cuban way of life through their eyes and words. I got to take a precious memory with me that will live in my heart forever. Cuba is a beautiful place and I’m so thankful I got to experience it with great company.

thank you billabong for an unforgettable trip.

Happy I got to work again with my friend Grant Legan on this trip. He has such a unique eye.

 Photography by Grant Legan / instagram

DAY 1:

billabong7.jpg_effected billabong8.jpg_effected billabong11.jpg_effected billabong1.jpg_effectedbillabong15.jpg_effected billabong2.jpg_effected billabong12.jpg_effected billabongig22 billabong36.jpg_effectedbillabong10.jpg_effected

BILLABONG ‘Take me Away’ dress
BILLABONG ‘Even Waves’ beach tote


DAY 2:

billabongig5 billabong55.jpg_effected billabong35.jpg_effected billabong52.jpg_effected billabongig2billabongig15 billabongig9 billabongig18

BILLABONG ‘midnight dreaming’ tank
BILLABONG ‘midnight dreaming’ cropped pants


BILLABONG cropped baja poncho
BILLABONG ‘Peace not War’ shorts


DAY 3:

billabong27.jpg_effectedbillabong25.jpg_effected billabong34billabong6 copy.jpg_effected billabongig3billabong31.jpg_effectedbillabongig4BILLABONG47.jpg_effected billabong28.jpg_effected

BILLABONG ‘Sea Goddess’ dress


DAY 4:

BILLABONG48.jpg_effectedbillabong4.jpg_effected billabong5.jpg_effected-001

BILLABONG ‘One love, One sea’ tank
BILLABONG ‘georgia striped’ bikini bottom


BILLABONG ‘Dazed Dreamer’ kimono
BILLABONG ‘Work Hard’ tank

billabongig13 billabong40.jpg_effectedbillabongig8.jpg_effected billabong22.jpg_effectedbillabong39.jpg_effected billabongig11 billabong44.jpg_effectedbillabong18.jpg_effected billabongig16billabongig7

BILLABONG ‘GI Geo’ onepiece rashguard